Oppdatering angående Covid i Portugal

Jeg kopierer her en melding som er sendt ut av Den norske konsulen i Algarve, Francisco Bivar Weinholtz – Honorary Consul Norway Algarve, 28.11.21 kl 11:06:

Dear Friends, 

With the raising of new Covid cases all over Europe and in Portugal, the Government reinstated the State of Calamity and some restrictions.

Despite the climbing of number of cases in Portugal, the numbers of deaths and serious Covid effects are mild, likely due to the high percentage of vaccination in Portugal (almost 90%). The reinforcement of the Covid vaccination, with the third dose, for over 65, is underway.

 The new restrictions will come into force from the 1st December and can be summarized as follows:

 – Access to hotels and local accommodation; restaurants and similar venues (except outdoor terraces); cultural, sports and general events (except religious events); visits to elderly homes and hospitals, is now subject to the presentation of a valid Covid Certificate or a negative test. Children under 12 years old are exempt.

– Travelling between Portugal and UE and EEA countries is not restricted, but the boarding is subject to the presentation of a valid Covid certificate or a negative test.

–  Entrance in most closed spaces can be subject to temperature scanning.

– There are still other restrictions established by the Health Authorities and some commercial establishments that require mask wearing and social distancing.

Unfortunately, it is likely the restrictions will end up being updated soon, should the number of cases keep climbing, and the evolution of the new variant. I will keep you informed.

 As usual, please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any doubts about the restrictions or specific queries to consul@norwayalgarve.com.

Take care 


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